Graduation ceremony for the 1st class of EFOPPRIMES: New specialists in personal and property security

The Private Vocational Training School for Security Professions (EFOPPRIMES), held last Saturday at the Grand Hôtel de Niamey, the graduation ceremony for the students of its first class. This promotion has been called “Promotion President Issoufou Mahamadou”. This important ceremony recorded the presence of the deputy chief of staff of the President of the Republic, the Minister of Vocational and Technical Education, Mr. Chaibou Dan Inna, members of the government, members of the Diplomatic Corps, as well as many guests.

The recipients of these diplomas are graduates after two years of training encompassing almost all aspects of public and civil security. The training they have received allows them to prevent a risk situation; to appreciate it quickly when it occurs; and to take, as a matter of urgency, the appropriate measures to protect exposed persons and their property.

By awarding their diplomas to EFOPRIMES students, Mr. Chaibou Dan Inna welcomed the initiative to create this school which is a source of pride for our country. Referring to the birth of his establishment, the founder of EFOPRIMES, Mr. Hassane Diallo Yacine, underlined that the Private Vocational Training School for Security Professions was opened in September 2012, but the idea of its creation dates back to to 2005.

effoprim-2 ” Our country was preparing to host the 5th Games of La Francophonie and I was a member of the commission in charge of security issues. So nearly 10 years ago, I realized that the tranquility and protection of the populations in general and of the hosts of Niger was practically the sole responsibility of the forces formed, that is to say those formed and maintained. by the state. However, safety, with the diversity of its aspects, is everyone’s business. Hence the need to relay the public force through organized private initiatives. Private promoters have therefore invested in this sector, with all the financial risks and the heavy responsibility induced by the delicacy of the question, ” added the founder of EFOPRIMES.

Mr. Hassane Diallo Yacine indicated that he wanted to try the adventure by setting up the project to create a Private Vocational Training School in Security trades, the very first of its kind in Niger, and even in the sub-region. .

The founder of EFOPRIMES then presented to the Minister of Vocational and Technical Education complaints whose satisfaction could considerably relieve EFOPPRIMES and private vocational training establishments in general. ” For the State, it is a question of examining the possibility of strengthening its assistance for the benefit of these establishments, through a substantial subsidy, given the highly social nature of their activity; support for the training of some of the students through study grants; the acceleration of land allocation procedures in order to save them from renting buildings at often excessive costs; and tax exemptions on investments in buildings and equipment, ” said Hassane Diallo Yacine.

Speaking of the members of the promotion bearing the name of the President of the Republic, he stressed that they can be proud of it. But, let them know that this pride comes at a cost and is fraught with responsibility. They must earn it on the pitch, everywhere and at all times. They must be a role model and thus arouse around them the desire in others to attend the same school. They must demonstrate that they are not the simple house keepers as elements of private security companies appear today.

Let them know that by enhancing their training in the field, they will enhance their professional and social status, as well as their body in general, ” said the founder of EFOPRIMES.
Mr. Hassane Diallo Yacine finally made a special mention to the teaching staff and to the resource persons of EFFOPPRIMES who have always provided the courses with professionalism and abnegation.

Oumarou Moussa

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