October 25, 2015 will be retained as a symbolic date in Niger. And for good reason, it was on that day that the 2nd Class “BRIGI Rafini” was named after the current Prime Minister of Niger. The largest private vocational school for training in security professions EFOPRIMES Campus Capitaine Amadou HASSANE DIALLO located at Boulevard Mali Béro in Niamey.

 We will retain that the first Class of 2014 bore the name of the President of the Republic, Head of State, ISSOUFOU Mahamadou. A promotion which has been on the ground since and which contributes to the security of people and goods throughout Niger. These Private Security agents work tirelessly alongside our Defense and Security Forces of which they are the auxiliaries.

This Training School is unique in the sub – region. It has proven itself at a time when insecurity rings on all borders and tries to gain ground every day without succeeding. It also responds to the concern to secure families and homes by offering young Nigeriens and Africans life insurance through a stable job that secures them. In other words, hundreds of young people are devoting themselves to the development of our country and our continent to which they bring their skills and know-how.

 It is the consolidation of the social fabric in a world where difficulties spread every day. The other objective of the Founder Mr Yacine HASSANE DIALLO, Young Security Engineer and holder of a Masters in Political Science from the University Jean Moulin Lyon III, is to contribute to insert his action into the great movement of the National Assembly of Renaissance policy. A policy of national construction and reconstruction in which the Head of State invites all Nigeriens to take part. The various speeches and contributions made on this occasion call on everyone to get involved in this vast project of security without which there is no question of development. Our country, at the crossroads of the Sahel, needs the arms and intelligence of all its children to build a haven of peace and freedom. This on behalf of current and future generations. The Prime Minister, H.E Brigi Rafini was accompanied by several personalities at this baptismal event. And among them, we noted the presence of the Minister of State at the Presidency of the Republic ALBADE Abouba, that of Vocational and Technical Training, Chaibou DAN INA, INDATOU Alkassoum and our famous International designer, ALFADI. The remarkable presence of the Mayor of Commune 5, to name but a few.

  Many other personalities and acquaintances, relatives and friends not to mention the other Directors of the Security Companies, came to support the Founder of the School. Our famous National singer Hamsou GARBA, who accompanied her young fans, came to give voice. The promotion had carried out sporting and professional demonstrations which had allowed the audience to appreciate the skills assimilated by a solid education leading to a qualitative training.

So much for the decor. But beyond the festive atmosphere, it should be noted that the Founder and Director of the School did not fail while thanking the authorities for their presence which honors this ceremony, to say loud and clear the difficulties he meeting in this company, the management of the School. He asked the State for support within the framework of the subsidies granted to these vocational schools which are making great efforts to maintain themselves. In order to assume and ensure their mission.

 As for the Minister of Supervision, he congratulated the Founder and the staff of the School for the constructive work they are doing, through training in an area such as Security. He had promised that his department would do everything in its power to provide support in the area of equipment and training. The Prime Minister, while also congratulating the Founder, clearly said that he will do everything to support all the Schools and Vocational and Technical Training Centers in Niger. Indeed, a sovereign mission incumbent on the state.

This means that during this national event, that all the speeches converge and recognize that there is an urgent need to support actions of this kind of Schools which train men and women who have chosen to sacrifice themselves in the Safety of their compatriots. Noble but, difficult profession. As a reminder, the “BRIGI Rafini” Promotion includes 30 recipients, including 7 women. Which makes a part of the genre as well.

Finally, we note that the Founder dedicates the Promotions to all those who have dedicated their lives to the service of the Nation and the People. An initiative that should be welcomed and encouraged because it fixes the memory and rewards those who, during their lifetime, imprint their actions in building a country, our common heritage. This can also encourage all those who give the best of themselves to their country. A reward during their lifetime. An example to follow when the Founder specifies that “Safety is not a matter of muscles”.

 Courage and good luck to everyone and to the Next Promotion.

 Dr  Abdoulaye HASSANE  DIALLO

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