Release ceremony of the 3rd class called “Bazoum Mohamed”: 180 students in private security received their parchment

The Minister of State, Minister of the Interior, Public Security, Decentralization and Customary and Religious Affairs, Mr. Bazoum Mohamed chaired, last Wednesday in the afternoon the exit ceremony of the 3rd promotion baptized “Bazoum Mohamed” of the Private Vocational Training School in Security Professions in Niger (EFOPPRIMES). In total, they are 180 students in private security including eight (8) women who received their parchment. This ceremony recorded the presence of the High Representative of the President of the Republic, Mr. Seini Oumarou, the Minister of Vocational and Technical Education, Mr. Tidjani Idrissa Abdoulkadri, members of the government and several guests.
In his words of welcome, the founder of EFOPPRIMES, Mr. Yacine Diallo first welcomed the massive presence of the guests before listing the few figures that are the pride of his school. According to him, in the field of continuing training in partnership with the Nigerien Agency for the Promotion of Employment (ANPE), the school trained 180 unemployed graduates in the various training courses during the year 2016. The hiring rate for these beneficiaries was 80%. “With the Nigerian Wrestling Federation (FENILUTTES), we trained 40 wrestlers from the eight regions of Niger, more than 50% of whom were hired by the Nigerien security company. Those who were not hired wished to stay in their respective regions. About the FENILUTTES, we are proud to say that the holder of the national saber, the vice champion and the 3rd of the 2017 edition, have all benefited from the training of EFOPPRIMES, skills that allowed them to do the difference to the 2017 championship in Tahoua, ”he said.
Mr. Yacine Diallo also recalled that the first class of 2014 trained 40 graduates, all of whom were hired; the second promotion in 2015, 30 graduates, all were hired, ie 100%; while the third promotion of this year 2017, they are 180 in number to obtain their diploma.
The promoter of EFOPPRIMES then praised the efforts of the State which granted him a serviced land and intends to make the school a model in the sub-region before formulating complaints on the grant in terms of scholarship , and the orientation of graduates towards courses. Mr. Yacine Diallo also announced that from the year 2017, with the dynamic of the State which has just set up a master’s degree in security at Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey, a professional license will be created at EFOPPRIMES before saying that his school has a dynamic academic council made up of senior military and civilian officials.
As for the president of the Nigerian Wrestling Federation, Mr. Aboubacar Seydou Ganda, he praised the actions of the school which made it possible to train 40 wrestlers in the security profession, half of whom had work. According to him, the training was provided free of charge by the school. “This action by EFOPPRIMES helped prevent wrestlers from immigrating to other countries. This young man who is Yacine Diallo must be supported and encouraged, ”he said.
The Minister of Vocational and Technical Education, Mr. Tidjani Idrissa Abdoulkadri reiterated the political will of the President of the Republic, Head of State, HE Issoufou Mahamadou to make vocational and technical training an important sector in all sectors. According to him, given the national, sub-regional and international context, we can only encourage EFOPPRIMES in this area of ​​security training. “You are therefore timely to support the state in this area. We will support you and accompany you in building this security in Niger and promoting vocational training, ”he said.
In making his speech, the Minister of State Minister of the Interior, Public Security, Decentralization and Customary and Religious Affairs, Mr. Bazoum Mohamed, said he was very happy that this 2017 promotion bears his name. . He appreciated the quality of the work provided by the promoter for the influence of EFOPPRIMES. “I thought I understood the quality of the work you do. I admit that I had not imagined that at EFOPPRIMES you do the nicest things. I congratulate you on the relevance, the quality of the energy and the intelligence that you put into it. You are a model of a young entrepreneur who deserves to be supported. I am happy to know that you have shown your imagination for the benefit of young wrestlers in Niger and the types of partnership established with ANPE as part of its job creation missions for young Nigeriens.

You are doing work that extends the work that the state is undertaking through the training provided to young people within the framework of national institutions to take charge of security issues, ”he said. Mr. Bazoum Mohamed finally underlined that, in the current context where there is a multifaceted need for security, the training provided by EFOPPRIMES responds to a very real need.
Seini Seydou Zakaria(onep)

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