Niger EFOPPRIMES Campus Captain Amadou HASSANE DIALLO: bet won

From 2012 to 2018, how much progress has been made, marked by pitfalls, difficulties, and blows received. But, the school continues on its way. Thanks to the executives, teachers, teachers and stakeholders who constantly watch over the functioning of the school. What pride to have withstood so much turbulence that would have swept him away. Thank God because this combination of efforts has enabled the School to stand up and serve our country through the beautiful youth it is training. To avoid an uncertain tomorrow by providing it with work, its livelihood. In 6 years, the School has trained 497 security agents who are returned to the job market. They settled down and founded homes while getting involved in the creation of wealth. What a beautiful and daring adventure that has removed from our Cities and our countries, so much despair to implant in many hearts, the love of live and resist the sirens that destroy lives and light souls. No more uncertainty for this youth who was chomping at the brakes and who fed on illusions by rushing into these caravans on a journey of no return and whose destiny ended on the shores of the beaches of the oceans or seas so distant . At EFOPPRIMES, we reject this fatality which leads directly to the precipice. We refuse to allow young people to take this tortuous path of easy gain that destroys the soul and heart of those who believe in the ability to succeed through a strong and flexible spring. We have proven this and believe in giving of ourselves by investing in our dear country Niger and our beautiful continent of Africa over the past 6 years. Without fear and with unshakeable faith, we have been able to help weave the social web that binds our common destiny. Our country which is being built with all its sons and all its daughters over time despite the pitfalls and a thousand and one difficulties which mark out our trajectory every day. We refuse to give up at a time when across all continents, people are rising to block the road to these unconscious citizens that are these Jihadites and other Boko Harems who kill, destroy and cowardly massacre peaceful people. Lost, radicalized men and women who are drugged through brainwashing. We are there and will always be there in time and space alongside our valiant Defense and Security Forces who fight with Courage Dignity Honor until the supreme sacrifice. Auxiliary to these F D S, we remain as an unconditional support in the protection of our borders and our brave populations and their goods wherever the duty demands and recommends it to us.

Our expertise has opened other doors for us in the sub-region, particularly in neighboring Mali where we fully exercise our skills. A sister country that has welcomed us with open arms by offering us our full role as a specialist in Private Security. We take advantage of this Tribune to express our gratitude to the authorities of this brotherly country for this gesture which is in line with the objective of securing our States and building our Continent, dear to our respective leaders. The future rests in the hands of all of us but above all of these young people whom we must tirelessly support. both our young graduates or not and who invade the streets of our towns and villages. Our combined efforts, of course with state support, will give even more visibility to our republican and civic action. We will continue to commit and invest ourselves more to help ensure the well-being of our peoples through training, a permanent concern of our Nigerien authorities to whom we will not stop asking for support so that the State grants scholarships to these students whose families and themselves sacrifice themselves to ensure the costs of their schooling Our country being at the forefront of the States which are mobilized to ensure the security of our borders, our populations and their goods, we dare hope that our cry of heart will be heard by whom it may concern. We reiterate our call. A country which fights at the highest level to restore peace in the sub-region. And that with the involvement of all social strata at all levels.

NIGER HONORS AT THE LAST SUMMIT OF G5 HEADS OF STATE IN NIAMEY A week ago, the Head of State, President ISSOUFOU Mahamadou of Niger, has just been brought to the head of the Presidency of the G5 by his peers in the outcome of the 19th Summit held in Niamey. But, as happiness never comes alone, always our compatriot Mamane Sambo SIDIKOU has also just been appointed Permanent Secretary of this structure during the same Summit Mr. SIDIKOU is well known in his country where he held high positions before being called to the Nations where he will have to manage enormous conflicts, particularly in the Middle East and in several States within the framework of MINUSMA. MINUSCO etc… These qualities of expert and talents of fine negotiator for having been head of Nigerien Diplomacy have earned him this highly strategic position, We wish him to succeed in this noble but difficult Mission which will give our country even more elbow room for bring its expertise alongside our sister countries in the sub-region who place their trust in it. But, while congratulating him on this appointment, we wish him good luck because the task is very difficult in view of the issues that are looming because it is about our own security, say of populations and goods This is the place to come together, hold hands and share our joys and sorrows We offer our condolences to the families who suffered in their soul and in their flesh for having lost one of theirs We pray to Allah to accept them in paradise eternal Amine. We must also at the level of Niger and the sub-region, give it our full support and support by also asking the States it represents to put at its disposal all the necessary means in terms of men and materials in order to facilitate it. execution of its specifications We end our paper by thanking all the civil and military authorities, personalities and all those who came to attend last January 20, at the graduation ceremony of this 4th class of 2017 – 2018 247 recipients and graduates bearing the name of the Minister of Vocational and Technical Training “Abdoul Kadri Tidjani” Thank you to the Directors of the Private Security Agencies by appearing in large numbers with the Founder. He thus bringing their support to Nigerien colleagues in this specific field Safety being everyone’s business Without forgetting the many parents of students who came to eat and share the pleasure and joy of the efforts made during their training. This is the time for the award. We also wish good luck and courage to these new graduates to continue to serve the country and neighboring states such as Mali where EFOPPRIMES was well received for having earned all the trust of our populations. See you next year, the doors of this noble and prestigious School are always open to welcome this youth in search of employment as the Founder, engineer Yacine HASSANE DIALLO keeps repeating and echoed by all the executives. and teachers of this proven school.
Finally, we take this opportunity to salute the magnanimous and highly Republican gesture, a laudable initiative of the Cultural Renaissance which allowed the new University of Tillabéri to bear the name of a great African intellectual, the Nigerien Professor, Rector BA Boubacar. Personally, I salute this action on behalf of a worthy son of his state. I have always campaigned in favor of this kind of gesture by any government that does not forget its heroes. Hopefully others like Dr Amadou Mossi, Tahirou Bana, Sékou Hamidou and both civilians and wearers can benefit from such treatment which would only redress an injustice. When we know that the regime of President DIORI had baptized places, institutions of the streets by making them bear the names of Nigeriens and that the Military Regime of the CMS had removed But, since we are in a democratic regime, I dare to make myself the spokesperson for these families, so that the State puts them back in their rights by rehabilitating these names. The Cultural Renaissance will only emerge from it increased and Niger grateful, the State being a continuity.

Dr Abdoulaye HASSANE DIALLO Controller General of EFOPPRIMES

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