THE AFRICAN DEBATE G5 Sahel: the organization of civil society against insecurity By Alain Foka Broadcast: Sunday, December 22, 2019

In the Sahel, prey to increasingly deadly terrorist attacks and where the armies seem overwhelmed by the scale of the situation, civil society is trying to organize itself.

Self-defense militias, but also and above all private security companies are multiplying throughout the region. They ensure the security of companies and banks, escort politicians, sometimes even supervise United Nations personnel.
But how effectively? Are the agents sufficiently trained, and is the fear of recolonization by foreign military groups justified?

With our guests:

  • Yacine Hassane Diallo, Managing Director of the Nigerien Security Society and Founding President of the Private Vocational Training School for Security Professions (Efoprimes)
  • Gilles Sacaze, co-founder of the Gallice group, formerly of the Action department of the General Directorate of External Security (DGSE)
  • Dr Justine Coulidiati-Kielem, President of the Women, Peace and Security Coalition in Burkina Faso, former coordinator of the G5 Sahel Women’s Platform
  • Boukary Kaboré known as “The lion”, president of the party for national unity and development (PUND). Former retired colonel and “Chief of Staff” of the Koglweogo militia.

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