Delivery of certificates to EFOPPRIMES

Equipping actors in private security companies

The Collective of Directors of Private Security Companies in Niger organized from December 28 to 31, 2019, an operational capacity building training session for the benefit of leaders, executives and agents of private security companies. To immortalize the end of this training, the initiators proceeded on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 to a delivery of the end of training certificate to the participants.

During this training, participants from the Private Security Companies of Niger were equipped on several modules, namely, knowledge of the positioning of private security, management of work rules, technology and typology of sites, security –Prevention, code of conduct, radio communication, self-defense, use of tonfa, etc. 

In his speech which he delivered at the ceremony, the representative of the director general of public security Mr. Assahaba Ebankawel stressed that all the defense and security forces know the important role that private security companies play in the current context. He indeed encouraged the managers of the Private Security Companies to go forward in their various initiatives. Otherwise,
Mr. Assahaba Ebankawel ensured the contribution of the national police to better equip the actors of the private security companies. “This role, I am sure, will grow day by day, given the scale of the phenomenon of terrorism in the countries of the sub-region.

Rest assured, that the General Directorate of Public Security will be at your side. And during all the meetings, as we pointed out to certain DGs of the security service, the Directorate General for Security volunteered to make its contribution in the context of the training and supervision of officers. private security companies. This is a new start; we are part of this logic of support, support and pooling of efforts and resources to be able to face the situation of insecurity. Everyone has to face this situation ”reassured Mr. Assahaba Ebankawel. For his part, the honorary president of the Collective of leaders of the Private Security Societies of Niger Mr. Issyade Ag Kato affirmed that the assurance of security lies in

This is why he took the opportunity to congratulate the promoter of EfOPPRIMES Mr. Yacine Hassane Diallo and their line ministry. According to him, Niger needs the participation of all, especially those working in the security sector. “We know that security must be ensured by everything in our cities, in our villages, etc. I thank all the ministries that support the promoter of this school.

This school allowed our managers, supervisors and security guards to be well trained. Security companies have hired thousands and thousands of young people capable of making a difference in securing people and property in our country. The presence of officials from the national police and the interior ministry will move things forward at all levels, ”Issyade Ag Kato said. E f o P P R I M E S a s s u r e r é g u l i è r e -m e n t d e s f o r m a t i o n s i n i t i a l e s t continue. In this sense, the director of this safety school, Mr. Oumarou S a m i n o u a n c e u n v i b r calls on all those who are in the d o m a n t d e d e c u r i t e for the next training sessions.

Abdoul-Aziz Ibrahim Souley

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