Drivers from GOAL and HELP NGOs trained in safe driving

Photo de famille des récipiendaires avec les responsables de l'EFOPRIMES

For five (5) days, the Private Vocational Training School for Security Professions (EFFORIMES), trained drivers from the GOAL and HELP NGOs. At the end of this training, EFOPPRIMES proceeded, on January 29, at the Captain HASSANE DIALLO Amadou Campus in Niamey, to the delivery of certificates to learners. This training aims to strengthen the operational capacities of drivers in safe driving, especially at a time when the populations of cities and rural areas are facing security challenges, according to the Controller General of the said establishment, Dr Abdoulaye HAS-SANE DIALLO. The activity took place in the presence of officials from EFOPPRIMES, representatives of NGOs, the National Police and several guests. This training was rich in theoretical and practical lessons. Thus, the theoretical part is essentially based, according to the Trainer and Safety Expert on modules having as content the equipment and on-board documents, vehicle control, safe driving, safety when moving vehicles in hostile areas, behavior (at the level of legal or illegal checkpoints, in the face of peaceful or violent demonstrations, in the face of a robbery, a kidnapping), the incident and accident report, Radio and security communication techniques, the rules of conduct preventive, offensive and defensive on various terrains etc. “For the practical part, the learners traveled over rough and difficult terrain, such as hills, rocky areas, swamps. They were also equipped with the threat of improvised explosive devices, mapping and preventive measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, said the Trainer.

For the General Manager of the establishment, this training session is well appreciated by the participants because it will allow them to carry out their missions well. He then thanked the GOAL and HELP NGOs for the confidence placed in EFOPPRIMES and called on other organizations that have expressed their interest in this training on safe driving, to register their drivers so that they are equipped. The managers of GOAL and HELP, warmly thanked and encouraged the EFORPPRIMES and congratulated the trainer and the learners, for the realization of the operation. “Thus equipped, the beneficiaries will have all the necessary reflexes, to ensure the protection of their life and that of their passengers”, declared the representative of HELP. 

For his part, the Comptroller General, Dr Abdoulaye HASSANE DIALLO, specified that this training will allow trained drivers to be competitive and to take into account all the requirements of safe driving. “Your employers will expect the results of this work from you. We trained you because you are a very important and essential link in the production chain. Without the drivers, I believe the operation of a service could be disrupted. That’s why we cannot neglect you, ”he said. Dr Abdoulaye HASSANE DIALLO wanted to indicate that from its opening, to date, EFOPPRIMES has trained thousands of learners and students, thanks to a firm commitment and self-financing from its Founder, Mr. Yacine HASSANE DIALLO and a good support from well-motivated administrative and teaching staff. “Our school is the only approved and authorized establishment in the field in Niger, unlike certain firms and centers which provide us with competition, often unfair,” denounced the Controller General of EFOPPRIMES. Shortly after the delivery of the certificates, The Trainer declared that “in this critical period of insecurity, this training is essential for all drivers of national and international organizations”, before inviting public and private institutions, organizations, etc. to come and train their staff at the Private Vocational Training School in Security Professions (EFOPPRIMES).

Source: Sahel Dimanche 05/02/2021

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