Visit of former EFOPPRIMES students at Niamey detention center: Getting in touch with the realities of the criminal chain

The former students of the Private Vocational Training School for Security Trades (EFOPPRIMES), accompanied by the Comptroller General and the Director General, visited the Niamey remand center yesterday morning. This trip, organized by the school and its leaders, aims primarily to put former students in contact with the prison reality which is the possible outcome of the penal chain.

On their arrival at the Niamey remand center, the Director General of the Private Vocational Training School for Security Professions (EFOPPRIMES), the retired Police General Mr. Saminou Oumarou, explained that his presence, as well as that of the fifteen (15) former students is motivated by the desire of his school to combine practice with theory within the framework of continuing education. He recalled that during their theoretical training, former students in CCTV had received notions of the criminal chain. “This is why we asked for this visit which allows them to be in direct contact with this link in the penal chain and to have a complete understanding of the prison system”, specified Mr. Saminou Oumarou who welcomes “the contribution appreciable ”that the visit brings to the school and its former students.

Welcomed and guided by Lieutenant Daouda Hamani Hamid, member of the Service Squadron of the Niger National Guard at the Niamey remand center, the EFOPPRIMES delegation first visited the women’s section, before continue with the juvenile section and the infirmary facilities. At the end of the guided tour, Mr. Abdoulkader Boureima, a former student of EFOPPRIMES, appreciated the explanations given by Lieutenant Daouada Hamani and welcomed the conditions of detention observed which respect the rights of detainees.

Beyond the practical approach to the theoretical courses received, this visit helps to make these former EFOPPRIMES students aware of their obligations in terms of probity and morality in the performance of their duties. This passage therefore also has an educational objective.

Earlier during the visit, the Director General of EFOPPRIMES presented his school as an effective way to fight idleness and crime in Niger. From its opening to date, attests the retired Police General Saminou Oumarou, the school has trained “thousands of students, learners and job seekers, from several private companies, parastatal and international organizations. “.

 Souleymane Yahaya(onep)

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