The school

The Private Vocational Training School For Security Professions “EFOPPRIMES”, is a private professional education institution dedicated to private security professions, supported by national partners as part of academic internships for initial training and partners international within the framework of specific seminars relating to continuing education.

Born from an idea conceived in 2005, after the organization of the Vth Games of La Francophonie, based on a concern for modernizing the observed practices of existing security agencies; inadequate for the results expected of the state’s public security “auxiliaries”; in 2010, the Founder and his team initiated test training courses to refine the modules; which submitted to the State of Niger, through the Ministry of the Interior, Decentralization and Religious Affairs, have been validated by the Creation Decree N ° 00053 / MFP / E / SG / DGEF / Q / DPEFPP of July 10, 2012, and the Opening Order N ° 00083 / MFP / E / SG / DGEF / Q / DPEFPP of September 4, 2012, signed by the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Education of Niger.

Four founding values

Four founding values

“EFOPPRIMES”, is built on four values which form the basis of the vision

  • Professionalization of private security professions
  • The promotion of professional knowledge in the service of private security
  • The affirmation of the skills produced as an effective relay for public security
  • The importance of the security of goods and people in the face of socio-economic issues

A Professional Aptitude Diploma in Private Security Professions obtained after training, with various options; namely: Security Administration; Fire safety ; Safety Prevention; Security Escort Protocol; Security TV & Video Surveillance; is obtained under the supervision of the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Education, and gives the possibility of registering for the Higher University Cycle.

Work-study training, as the basis of the school’s pedagogy

As part of the various initial training leading to the “EFOPPRIMES” diploma; has within its educational framework the establishment of partnerships with security structures, for a work-study program of a defined training period, respecting the theory and practice adequacy, with the expected result: 30% of knowledge, 40% of knowledge – to do and 30% of knowing how to be.

“EFOPPRIMES”, a business-oriented school

In addition, we provide services to companies open to the public, to companies located in high-rise buildings: internships, work-study contracts, prospective studies, collaborative projects, organization of thematic events; pledge of a reassuring opportunity for the integration of young graduates into the world of employment.

Continuing Education

These are short inter and intra-company programs, certifying training This explains the attachment of “EFOPPRIMES” to certifying training courses on AFPS, SSIAP, CS, and PCS for professionals in companies and non-governmental organizations, by high-level professional public security supervisors, and experts in the field of private security.

“EFOPPRIMES”, A school committed to its territory and open to the international

Today, apart from Niger, “EFOPPRIMES” is also present in Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria and carries out information actions to raise awareness of young people on the need and the possibility, with our lessons, of making security. private a profession of the future.

AFPS: Certificate of First Aid Training.
SSIAP: Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Service.
CS: Safe Driving for Drivers in the context of humanitarian and corporate missions.
PCS: Prevention and Civic Relief